Since carpet, which is one of the most popular flooring materials of today, has a wide range of properties, there are a number of issues that consumers should pay attention to during the selection process. Knowing these issues and using them during selection will help you make more accurate choices.


One of the key elements in carpet selection is economic possibilities. There are many options and price ranges according to the wishes of the consumer and the budget allocated for this subject. The important thing is how long you want to use the carpet.

When you buy a quality carpet, you can get money for many years no matter how high the price you pay. Therefore, especially in areas subject to heavy traffic, you can get the best carpet you can get in the long term will help you to profit.

The properties of the yarn used are the most important elements that determine the price of the carpet. Production and design features are also issues that affect the price of the carpet.

Area of ​​Use

There are a number of key questions you should ask before buying a suitable carpet for yourself. The most important one is the room in which the carpet is taken.

In areas with heavy traffic such as halls, corridors and vestibules, it is important to obtain the most durable carpet at the rate sufficient for economic power.

Carpets that do not stain and pile should be preferred in young rooms, living rooms, kitchens, baby rooms, and rooms of people with allergies.

The following recommendations are very important and necessary for your carpet to maintain its beauty and durability for a longer time.

1 – In the case of crushing the pile yarns under heavy objects, the pile yarns in this area should
preferably be brushed first and then swept with a vacuum cleaner forging.

2 – In order to prevent the accumulation of dust on the carpet between the pile yarns and on the floor, maintenance should be done by vacuuming at regular intervals.

3 – The sweeping process should be carried out with the vacuum cleaner in slow sweeping direction of the pile yarns of the carpet. Carpet should not be subjected to hard impacts such as forging and whipping during cleaning.

4 – Excess water and shampoo should be avoided when cleaning the carpet.

5 – The carpet should never be washed, it should be cleaned with shampoo and wiped with water and dried immediately.

6 – A staining agent on the carpet can be removed immediately and in case of correct intervention.

7 – The stain should first be absorbed at the high level of the vacuum cleaner and then cleaned with a small amount of water and carpet shampoo in the direction of sweeping, the moisture remaining after the cleaning process with a vacuum cleaner or a moisture absorbent cloth or similar material (tissue paper etc.). buffered.

8 – Stain removal process, a chemical substance to be used in stain removal should be tried in an invisible place of the carpet first.

9 – The pile yarns in the area where cleaning is performed should be combed with a brush so that they stand upright.

10 – Carpets, stoves and similar heat devices should be kept away.

11 – Since direct sunlight will damage the carpet, the carpet should not be left in such an environment for a long time.

12 – The carpet should not be allowed to get wet during transportation and hard, sharp and sharp objects may damage the carpet.

Considering the width of the area it occupies, the carpet forms the basis of the decoration elements within the living spaces.

Your choice of color is very personal. Available in almost every color, pattern and size, it is possible to choose the most suitable one for you to capture the atmosphere you want among the carpet designs that offer different options to different places.

Especially recommended when buying carpets; The choice of furniture and curtains in the room, considering the color. In addition, the size of the room, whether the sun does not receive features such as carpet color is among the points to be considered.

In the rooms without sunlight, warm tones are created by creating a warm atmosphere, while green and blue tones create a soothing effect. Light colors make the room wider, while dark tones provide an intimate atmosphere. In the entrance areas that are exposed to heavy traffic, dark tones can be selected and the carpet can be protected from stains and dirt.

Color selection is done to create different effects in the rooms. These effects are refreshment, warmth and coldness. In addition, the color selected on the carpet is related to how much you want to emphasize the floor. If you don’t want to make your home floor stand out in decoration, you can choose your carpet with neutral color and without pattern. In this way, you will put the furniture of your home in the foreground. If you think that your furniture is not glamorous enough and you need to draw attention to the floor; your carpet should be light colored and patterned.

Preference of Warm and Cold Colors Of
course, the effect of colors is great in providing the desired environment in the rooms.

Colors such as yellow, orange or red should be selected to make the room warmer. To make the room colder, colors such as blue or green may be preferred.
The furniture in the room is also important in choosing the color of the carpet. Wood tones never match some colors, but there are also colors in which they blend. Therefore, when you go to buy carpets, compare the colors of the carpets with the color of your furniture.

Preference for Light and Dark Tones
Light colors give a refreshing effect. The use of light colors such as Beige and Cream will make the room look much larger and more spacious than it is.
The effect of dark colors is relaxing and warm. The light reflectivity of light colors makes the rooms brighter, while the light absorption of dark colors gives the room a darker appearance. A large carpet always appears darker in the house… The
floor is a large area. Carpet covering a large floor, intensifies the color. For this reason, the difference between the small sample of the same carpet and the darkness of the carpet is a must.

1- To use your carpet for a longer period of time, you must use it carefully and carefully.

2- Carpets must be cleaned. If not cleaned, dust settles in the carpet depending on usage.

3- Carpet should not be subjected to hard impacts such as forging and whipping during cleaning. Sweeping process in carpet cleaning; the vacuum cleaner should be done with slow movements in the direction of sweeping the pile yarn of the carpet.

4- Carpet should never be washed. Carpet shampoo should be wiped with foam in accordance with the instructions for use. After cleaning the carpet should not be left wet for a long time, it should be dried in a short time. Drying should be done without exposing it to sunlight for a long time. Direct sunlight coming to the carpet will deform the carpet.

5- There may be situations such as color discoloration, color difference etc. on your carpet due to the materials to be used other than carpet shampoo. Carpet; detergent, hard surface cleaners, bleach, salt spirit etc. It should not be forgotten that no stain remover can remove all stains without damaging your carpet.

6- Carpets with open floors show stains and dirt more easily and also harder to clean. These situations should be taken into consideration when choosing carpets. Otherwise, it may cause problems in use.

7- In case of leaving the carpet or the floor where it is laid moist or wet, there may be deformations on the carpet caused by mold.

8- Heavy objects placed on the carpet should not be kept in the same area for a long time.

9- Whatever the product type of carpet; along with keeping your carpet away from stoves and similar heat devices; temperature of 50 ̊C and above.

10- All liquids spilled on the carpet should be immediately absorbed with an absorbent cloth, paper towel or vacuum cleaner without rubbing the carpet. Stain removal methods should be applied according to the type of spilled material. It should not be forgotten that even if the water poured into your carpet is not cleaned and dried, it will stain.

11- There is no feature such as stain-holding in our carpets. For stains due to misuse, you can request professional carpet cleaners in accordance with the instructions for use.

12- In cases where the carpet is not used, it should be kept in a roll-free place without putting anything on it. Naphthalene is not required between the carpets to be stored.

13- Do not scratch the surface of the carpets which are more frequent with sharp and pointed objects, otherwise the carpet pile which will lie flat will not be recovered again due to the frequency of the carpet. This will lead to deformation on the carpet pile.

14- Depending on the use of our long-haired carpets in areas where there is a heavy use traffic for a long time, laying and opening of the yarn ends may be seen over time.

15- If the carpets which are under weight are pulled without lifting the weight, tears and disassembles may be seen in overlock and back weave.

16- During transportation, contact of hard and sharp objects to carpets should be avoided.

17- On the carpet surface; there may be differences between regions with high usage density and regions with low usage density. To prevent this, the position and direction of the carpets should be changed at regular intervals. By doing this, shading that is not caused by production is prevented.

18- Some pile feathers are inevitable in carpets produced with staple fibers (wool and acrylic). If swept regularly with a powerful vacuum cleaner, this hair removal will be reduced to a very short extent.

19- Footprints can be seen in cut-end carpets. This is directly proportional to the brightness of the yarn used in the carpet. When buying this type of carpet should be used in traffic-intensive areas.

20- It is inevitable that there will be a difference between a carpet that has been bought before and the same carpet that has been bought afterwards. This should be taken into account when buying the second carpet.

21- It is possible that there are color differences in the same two carpets due to the yarn lot difference.

22- Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PES.) Yarn due to the properties of the fiber used in easy and short time felting, deforming and so on. adverse events, such as When purchasing these carpets, it is important to select the points with low usage density.

23- Products without labels, ripped or torn on the carpet back are not refundable.

24- Viscose, cotton and Rayon yarn produced carpets, carpets used in the construction of the fiber is sensitive to water should be avoided direct contact with water. Cleaning of such products should be done with a damp cloth.

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